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Located just off I-66W in The Plains, Virginia, Wakefield offers a content-rich, liberal arts curriculum on a 68-acre campus. 

We encourage students to discover their passions, make meaningful commitments, and realize their potential as capable, ethical, and articulate citizens.

Call us today to schedule a tour or a shadow day.

Wakefield Tour

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, welcome to Wakefield. We're a classical, liberal arts independent school located in The Plains, Virginia. 

Our mission is to create capable, ethical, and articulate students. We emphasize technology integration, global learning, civic engagement, and professional development for all of our faculty and staff. 

So, I bet you're wondering what makes Wakefield so special. Take this classroom, for instance. It's a wonderful, interactive, learning space for our middle school students. It allows for mobility during discussion and group work, complementing our focus on differentiation in the classroom. 

I like Wakefield because we have different buildings. And we get to go outside and explore the nature during the classes. So, if like, we have a stressful class, we get to get some fresh air and have a nice time, five minutes outside between classes. 

Everyone is very nice to each other. And the teachers are too. And they really help you out if you don't understand something. They take the time to stop the class and teach you what you need to know. 

Wakefield is a warm family. And everybody cares about your feelings in here. And they just ask about, how is your day. And that, actually, means a lot. 

And I found that my hardest class is, as much as I hate the fact that they're hard, I learn the most from those classes. So being able to experiment with a whole bunch of different subject areas, along with being challenged and learning at the same time is really good. And I'll always appreciated that.