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The Athletics Program teaches teamwork, commitment, accountability, and time management. Generating a sense of community among teammates and the entire school, students are encouraged to support different sports teams, challenged to build new skills, and inspired to value their experiences.

[MUSIC PLAYING] The sports here, it's really a great environment. You have the opportunity to go out and try a bunch of different sports, no matter what your skill level is. But you still have the chance to be competitive. 

It's not just about playing the sport, it's also about building character. One of the great perks about the Wakefield community. is because it's a small team, there's kids from all different grade levels. And the upperclassmen have a really big influence on the freshmen and sophomores. It's really important to both your sport development and your intellectual development. 

At Wakefield School the athletic department is something special. One thing that's really unique about our athletic department is that our coaches are our teachers. So they understand the homework needs, and putting academics before sports. 

The athletic programs here at Wakefield allow you to meet different types of people. They can help you with your schoolwork, they want to motivate you to do the best you can on the athletic field. So that way, it's even better. They won't make fun of you whenever you try out a new sport, they encourage you. 

We just built squash courts here, we've only had them for a couple months. And we went to Connecticut and we won a national championship in our division. So it's just a great opportunity to come out, try something new, and still be successful.